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Glorious Submission

Just the thought of you sends me to dimensions unknown where my feelings

transcend time and space and each and every fiber of my being is



heated reserves of lust that I must satisfy by being next to you

What you do

to me


far surpasses all that I have ever experienced in my core


you have me captured in the beauty of the rapture you invoke

in all I am

You are decadent and delicious and I crave the sweetness in the

most tender recesses of your thickness

I desire to claim you in the best way

play with my emotions and arouse my senses because

you intrigue me and satisfy my curiosity and each time we meet the heat


and it is truly unbelievable how you make me come alive

I am your ethereal captive caught in the orbit of your timeless existence

where passion is of a placid fashion





it is all that we want it to be here between you and me where totally

we can love

you are the fix that can ease my pain and help me regain all that was lost

when I was tossed to and fro not so long ago

In your warmth I feel safe and I rest in the solitude of your mercy

your embraces soothe my hungry soul

and any remnants of control I had are now in your hands

You are the gentle breeze that blows across my heart

calming all uncertainty making me open to the possibility of blissful eternity

Take me I am yours to have as your own

mold me as your needs arise so that I emanate with all you desire

and whatever may transpire is meant to be

You called me forth from the darkness with your presence and placed in me

the full essence

of your womanness and my acceptance was effortless

in the presence of your light

Move me

come through me

consume me

transmute me

You are my savior and I worship at your feet with all humility for the way

you rescued me from myself

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Seductive Musings

***Contains graphic content and language***

I vibrate at the sound of your voice

and when I hear it

I have no choice


to let my juices flow

down below

where I find myself touching and wishing

it were your

Each breath I take reverberates

with the heated anticipation of the

satiny smoot

gyrations of


eloquent locutions

sent out on high

where by and by I

absorb your essence

Open my soul

with the verbiage that you let


seductively from your lips

landing in a place

amidst my hips

stirring a pleasure that I treasure as

secretly sublime and with each rhyme

you prime me for the next installation of the

dissemination of your light

When I take a toke of the words you spoke

I am high and

without hesitation

I know why

you draw me in and it’s so flyy

still internally I cry


because of a propensity to be drawn to the


of who you are

I am overcome with the primitive hum

cumming from the sensual drum of

your tongue

against my cerebrum

Hand to hand, love to love, breasts to breasts

against your chest I long to rest so that I can hear

the rhythm of your heart from where all elements

of you have their start

Feed me with the spoon of your hand as you

command my

full attention and freely given

submission to your brilliance that consumes


as I release my inhibitions

to the fall

that drops me deeply at the call

of your spell

emphatically and radically you possess

the rest

and the best of what I am


I lose myself to the uncertainty of the rest

of whose women who envy seeing me blesst

by your presence

Lying beneath you I feel your weight

as I greatly welcome your touch to


this burning I know from head to toe

each time I allow myself to go

further into your mind

where I find

peace to release this desire that consumes me

to aspire to rise higher and higher to the

level you require for

true intimacy

I am an open book and I want you to look

into me

so that we can be free

to express ourselves sensually without speaking

as with our hands and mouths

we explore one another seeking

skin on skin and

her on her as it were because

this is what makes us one

You make love to my body but

the real capture is my brain

where you never refrain from

filling every

receptor, synapse and vein

with your juicy mental nectar

With you I am never warm but


because you know how to access that spot

to get from me what I’ve got

when you fuk my mind not just a little

but a lot and

unmeasured states of consciousness persist

because what you have I can’t resist

and the thought of you makes me squirm

and twist




The decadent torture of my whole person

that you give

makes me ecstatic just to live

with the knowing that each moment with you

leaves me growing

more enlightened and much less frightened

of what the future may hold because

our pluralistic union has made me bold


so I am told

nothing can hold me down now

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A Perfect Bowl of Fruit

I am by no means a dogmatic Christian or, what some may call, a Jesus freak, quite the contrary.  I am more of a spiritual person who can appreciate many different religious/spiritual philosophies.  I respect the Noble Truths of Buddhism, the tenets of Wicca, the Vedas of Hinduism and the ritual of Catholicism.  Since I do consider myself more of a spiritual person I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a Christian pamphlet that had a subject matter right up my spiritual alley.  This little publication ultimately has made a positive addition to my life.

The pamphlet was about a much-taught passage from the Bible that discusses a set of characteristics that can be attained by following the life of Jesus Christ.  These characteristics are known as the fruits of the Spirit.

Paul instructs the people “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.” (New International Version, Gal 5:22-23).

The pamphlet spends a great deal of time explaining these verses.  It explores understanding them in the context of the place and time they were written, the author of the epistle where the verses are found and even what was going on in the timeline of organized Christianity.  All of this information is very interesting and written in a very accessible manner; I did read the entire thing.  However I found myself drawn to the discussion on how the afore mention fruits can be a part of life.  The pamphlet explains that these fruits are a blessing to the person who has them and not all fruits are given to all people to the same degree.  Most importantly, they are not an absolute.

“The first important thing to understand about the fruit of the Spirit is that   it is fruit of the Spirit.  …They are the Spirit’s.  We must understand that these characteristics are produced by the third person of the Trinity.  He is the agent, the source, and the power that grows the fruit” (Campbell 9).

Now this really caught my attention because even though I am quite familiar with the Bible as a text I’d never before seen or thought about this passage in this way.  I’d always assumed that you either “grew” these fruits or you didn’t and I thought that only Christians would even exhibit them in such a righteous manner.  I also believed that all Christians were gifted with all these characteristics together.  To my great satisfaction the more I read the more the smile on my face grew because I’d been mistaken.

“Indicative and imperative are ten-dollar words that simply mean the difference between an observation of the way things are (indicative) and a command or instruction to do something (imperative).  The significance of this shouldn’t be overlooked.  This means that the fruit of the Spirit is not a to-do list.  Fruit grows from the Spirit.  It’s not the result of our hard work or discipline, it’s not a list to check off when we feel we’ve “got it down”.  It’s not even a list to put on our wall to remind ourselves of things we need to work on.  It’s not a list of imperatives—commands for us to follow.  It’s a list of indicatives—it’s just the way things are” (Campbell 9-10).

That’s when it hit me that I could have some fruit too.  These characteristic are, quite simply, the way we should all act as members sharing this planet and towards one another as members of humanity if we believe in any sort of Higher Power.  Who couldn’t use a little more self-control in their life?  Couldn’t we all stand to be a bit more loving, peaceful and patient?  Really these characteristics could be useful to us all at some time or another.

I want this fruit in my life and I know I can have it.  I want this fruit not just for myself but so I can share it with others.  Regardless of religion or spirituality I see incorporating these characteristics in my life as a win-win kind of thing.

Now whenever a person or situation seems to be seeping into my psyche or being trying to unnerve me, I think back to the fruits of the Spirit and tell him or her or it to just stop eating my fruit.

*Referenced work  Live Free A Fresh Look at the Fruit of the Spirit Our Daily Bread Ministries  Constantine R. Campbell

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Her Inside

She’s a witch, a gypsy, a Woman, a tease

spinning her web

taking hearts captive with ease

She’s electric and warm

golden from the sun

She’s her own beginning and end

mystery on the run

Bells on her feet

ever smelling of Spring

She draws you in with a hint of her sting

The trees talk of her greatness

flowers grow in her heat

elusive yet inviting

She’s ready to meet

You love her you hate her

she’s fickle she’s fine

She’ll tell you she’s yours

then say that she’s mine

Her love is exciting

juicy, sweet and sublime

so decadent and tantalizing

it feels like a crime

You can’t help but want her

she calls you by name

The way she gets into you is her claim to fame

But when it comes down to it

She’s worth the time

This beautiful Earth Mother

righteous and divine

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Elevation Deep Within

Each heartbeat brings me closer to the threshold of fulfillment

as I await your invitation to come into your destiny

take me by the hand and walk me through your fields of anonymity

where I am hidden from the eyes of scrutiny cover me in your

sanctity and bless me with your fullness

there is none other but you when I am in this place

your grandeur is the element that keeps me in this realm of

fascination pursuing perfection with all earnestness

You speak to me and all that ever was is gone because you bring

to manifestation the whole of my hopes and dreams

readily I am leaving regrets behind and welcoming your gifts as a healing balm

to my ravaged soul

Realization of you in me is the most powerful potion and you are the

sweetest obsession feeding the unseen nature in me that exudes the

secrecy of our sanguine entanglement binding us in a karmic fulfillment

of what is pure and essential to my every meditation

I am ripe fruit coming from the tree of your prosperity ravage me and

allow my sweet juices to run over and bring forth more of the same

as we create what is our relative reality confusing attempts to undermine

the certainty of our mutual enchantment

It is essential that I give myself to you as I accept your transfusion of

awakening destiny within the depths of my being living only to see the

elevation of my consciousness to join with beauty as never before described

with words only images and metaphors can fully expand upon what is seen

with trepidation by the untrained eye beholding what is evident but


by forces too powerful to comprehend

Search me and find that what I give to you is pure and saturated with

inconsequential possibilities for fulfillment exuding from where you

seek your source and find life ready to be obtained with fervent splendor

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In solitude

full of what ifs

the hurt has turned to forgiveness

mistakes were made but love was never broken

even apart it’s okay

Spirits bruised


many times learned to love again

Cold hearts warmed with the spring of romance

In the end regrets spoken softly lead to understanding

and the knowing turns to wisdom

With one last embrace and a graceful departure

new life begins and

miraculously no one shed a tear

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Come To My Safety

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Allow me to love you beyond what you know

Trust me with your heart and enjoy ecstasy

exponentially spanning distance and time

in rapid succession of motion

pulling you towards all you ever searched for

Give me all of your fears and release your

subjection to unhappiness in the comfort

that is what you seek in eternity

Let me give you pleasure exceeding your deepest imagery

and accept the promise of serenity in the

safety of my solitude

Relinquish to me all your apprehension of what lies ahead

with uncertainty and present to me your essence

to calm with tenderness and the promise of

sweet pleasure abounding like the newness of spring

full of promise as the blooms that beckon the sunlight

for life

Rest in me when you are ready to leave behind the pain

of wanting and know that peace is where you feel me

on your soul

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Losing Myself

I imagine the way you feel in my mouth and


in an overcoming ecstasy of








that intoxicate my soul and consume every part of my being.

Your nectar runs





through my veins

and all that you are is all that I am.

Breath becomes secondary because you are my life.

You are my physical cult and I would follow you AN-Y WHERE


you have invaded my mind leading me to a place where I exist in reckless

abandonment and total submission to your love.

Your arms around me,

the beat of your heart,

the scent of your love in my nostrils is all I need in my world.

Your brilliance brings me to my knees and I want to drink you in because

my thirst for you is


I am caught in your vortex and I don’t want to be released.

You have drawn me in with your LOVE and tenderness and I am holding on


because I want to enjoy the ride.

Take me there and never leave me because you are what the Universe has

for me.

Oh you beautiful, magnificent child of Knowledge,

offspring of Intelligence you make my spirit soar and come alive

in a world full of emptiness you fill me up and I overflow with happiness.

Lay beside me




and melt into me as I open to receive you.

This is where I want to be…lost in eternity with you.


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Universal Key of Voice

It doesn’t have to be profound
or exceptionally deep
just say it
It’s not necessary that it
evoke tears
or inspire intellectual dialogue
just say it
so what if no one understands your point of view
or thinks you’re a bit off-key
just say it
your words matter and
your feelings count
just say it
You sit alone with your thoughts
and wonder why things are like they are
lonely, sad, bewildered, angry
seeking validation or needing your point heard
just say it
Your life is sacred and your soul is special
your song being sung on angels’ wings matters
just say it
LOVE is universal and acceptance is free
your experience counts so
just say it


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Maniacal musings manipulate my memory
making me
while myriads of multiple mental messages
massacre me mightily
sending me
looking, lurking, leaning, laughing
losing the last
little life
leisurely loaned
leaving me lonely
and lusting at lofty
pulsating precipitously
placing premonitions inside
pondering pulchritudinous
placidly though painstakingly speaking
sometimes slowly satisfying
subliminal sexualities
stemming and seeping secretly scorching
sensual sections of my senses.
almost always allowing
alternative ambitions
to tenderly assuage all angry accusations
while accepting all my attributes
Finally feeling
fabulously fresh finding fantastic flowers
floating flamboyantly forth
moving me forward feeling ferociously the fire from forever
Blissfully bohemian before
born blinded but better branded
believing the best but still bemused by
brown-skinned beauty
lips, legs
living a lifetime left over
letting looks lull me languidly, lazily, luxuriously
leisurely, loftily
back to the light



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