Monthly Archives: October 2013

Incandescent Overture

I looked over my shoulder

and you stood



hand outstretched welcoming me back to you

lost in the sunlight

captured by the prisms of your shimmering personality

lead me

walk with me

take me back to where we stood




reaching down to pull up the roots of our synchronicity

planting our story in the richness of always

playing in the fire

burning the memories of us into

the sands of time

ushering in the tides of forever





chasing the moon and the pull of euphoria

living life hard in passion

loving softly

laying down all impossibilities




we broke free from the restrictions of the tangible

leaving our footprints in the water

movement, swaying, dancing

staying alive

emotions so explosive and decisive

moving against the wind

victorious in completion


Forever in love.


Midnight Evolution

I am a living sacrifice waiting

to be offered


to your deepest desires.

Place me on the altar of vulnerability

as I open to you


translate me

to where you are

Go deep and bring forth the

essence of my wanting

ride me to the pinnacle of sincerity

where the truth speaks of my necessity

to have you as my sustenance

Anoint me with your emotions and justify my longing

to feel your body become one with mine

Sing to me a song of atonement giving me assurance

of your intentions to have me as your own

You orchestrate the most beautiful melody

within my soul

making me feel whole


causing me to give freely

all that I have


all that I will ever be

and when I imagine the fantastic crescendo of our duet

I am lifted to the heavens

You are a sweet-smelling savor and I am enraptured

by your heady fragrance so that

I am no longer my own and

I have become a vessel for the love

you deposit in me


abundantly and readily

I am overflowing with joy from the way you command

my body to attention and draw me in to

meet your sex which glides over me

with such sensuality

I am delirious and full of anticipation awaiting

the explosion from our union

At your will I exist as liquid silk

pulsating with the rise and fall of the tides

joined in perfection


the moon’s sacred path through the Universe

lighting the way for the evolution of this

peaceful creation that is our reality

In your arms I return to the infancy of

my fantasies of you in me

Lead me into oblivion alone with you.