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Conceptual Relativity

The fluidity of my spirit travels on the sunrise

covering the earth with energy drawing forth life that

elevates my consciousness and rewards me with the

secrets of the universe

I am carried into the bosom of mysteries as yet unrevealed

found within me waiting to be discovered by

seekers of true belief

Vibrations from the unknown penetrate my essence and

permeate my state of being requiring me to reflect upon my motives

for intentional naiveté towards levels of pure revelation due to

uncertainty and fear

Where can I find myself fully aware of the conception of my

relativity in the grandiosity of the sky

How do I exist autonomously interacting with the elements remaining

from my own reckless perception

The restraints of acceptance propel me to look inward and obtain

presence in a place where the emergence of positive identity is

elusive in the face of questioning

There is no complete understanding without reaching a plateau of

welcome objectivity

I open my arms wide and enjoy an influx of concentrated light that

brings with it the ability to breathe deeply and release any remnants of

toxicity that remain a hindrance to my acceleration through

the cosmos allowing me to change form and become what is

pure and undefiled

As a feather I lie back in the embrace of the wind and allow

myself to be transported to a place that has become manifest as

a result of my persistent thoughts of immortality arriving at the

comfortable void of exceptional sensory stimulation

I am where I should be in all the fullness of time and there is no

return to the physical oblivion of

emotional depravity


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Maniacal musings manipulate my memory
making me
while myriads of multiple mental messages
massacre me mightily
sending me
looking, lurking, leaning, laughing
losing the last
little life
leisurely loaned
leaving me lonely
and lusting at lofty
pulsating precipitously
placing premonitions inside
pondering pulchritudinous
placidly though painstakingly speaking
sometimes slowly satisfying
subliminal sexualities
stemming and seeping secretly scorching
sensual sections of my senses.
almost always allowing
alternative ambitions
to tenderly assuage all angry accusations
while accepting all my attributes
Finally feeling
fabulously fresh finding fantastic flowers
floating flamboyantly forth
moving me forward feeling ferociously the fire from forever
Blissfully bohemian before
born blinded but better branded
believing the best but still bemused by
brown-skinned beauty
lips, legs
living a lifetime left over
letting looks lull me languidly, lazily, luxuriously
leisurely, loftily
back to the light



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