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Getting Out Alive

Getting out alive

My spirit is full

and I’m running from myself

I meet me around every corner I turn

and the disappointment grows stronger

minute by minute

I’m looking for that one thing that will

save me from myself

on this journey that never ends

The road gets longer the more I travel

Where is my freedom? I beg the question

Crying out for salvation

exhausted and abused with no one


break my fall

now I am confounded and confused

my heart is broken

This moment feels like forever

The darkness is the brightest thing I see

Sneaking up behind myself I am startled

by the realization of my sorrow

in all its majesty reigning

over the kingdom of my plight

I have struggled long enough

and my resolve is gone

finally I give in and lie down

with the melancholy of my truth

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Elevation Deep Within

Each heartbeat brings me closer to the threshold of fulfillment

as I await your invitation to come into your destiny

take me by the hand and walk me through your fields of anonymity

where I am hidden from the eyes of scrutiny cover me in your

sanctity and bless me with your fullness

there is none other but you when I am in this place

your grandeur is the element that keeps me in this realm of

fascination pursuing perfection with all earnestness

You speak to me and all that ever was is gone because you bring

to manifestation the whole of my hopes and dreams

readily I am leaving regrets behind and welcoming your gifts as a healing balm

to my ravaged soul

Realization of you in me is the most powerful potion and you are the

sweetest obsession feeding the unseen nature in me that exudes the

secrecy of our sanguine entanglement binding us in a karmic fulfillment

of what is pure and essential to my every meditation

I am ripe fruit coming from the tree of your prosperity ravage me and

allow my sweet juices to run over and bring forth more of the same

as we create what is our relative reality confusing attempts to undermine

the certainty of our mutual enchantment

It is essential that I give myself to you as I accept your transfusion of

awakening destiny within the depths of my being living only to see the

elevation of my consciousness to join with beauty as never before described

with words only images and metaphors can fully expand upon what is seen

with trepidation by the untrained eye beholding what is evident but


by forces too powerful to comprehend

Search me and find that what I give to you is pure and saturated with

inconsequential possibilities for fulfillment exuding from where you

seek your source and find life ready to be obtained with fervent splendor

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