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Making Diamonds In The Dark

I’ve got barely enough and I’m trying to make it there

the road is dark and lonely but I’m pushing through


in the silence

wondering if anyone is out there

Is someone standing on the outside looking in

pulling my strings

controlling my universe while I use all my energies

trying to find daylight

I can feel it pressing in around me and the air is

thick and dirty brown and

the silence

the silence

the silence

is deafening



and I want to scream out but why am I apologizing

or begging for mercy

or looking for help that doesn’t come

this is all about me

or so it appears

an example, a challenge, a secret bet

on the outcome of a giving heart

that is only fully loved by itself

dying slowly as it gives to the point

where the soul is no longer connected

but lost to the place where it found peace

it only drips with skepticism and distrust

The road stretches endlessly before me with no

signs for direction




voice to guide

a whisper on the wind with an outstretched hand beckoning

come in from the cold

I’m running from myself and mirrors because I don’t like

what I see

and I don’t know where to find the


that I need

and all my questions seem to be rhetorical


themselves before they leave my mouth

my mind pulls me forward on its own running

with reserves of memory of what used to be

and the comforts of imagined normalcy

I’m tired and willingly give in to the fight that never ends

I hear the voices all around me and the images bombard

my subconscious world tormenting me in the unrest that I can’t define

in worldly terms

every waking moment I shake from the bone-chilling frost stored

in my physical reserves where it waits for the moment when

my vulnerability is at its highest and it puts me on emotional ice that

cuts my flesh leaving lacerations that bleed the sick bile of loneliness

If I could touch this darkness with my hands

rip it apart with my fingers

throw it into the abyss

so it would be gone

but for now

this moment

it is my domain

Love and family 136

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Conceptual Relativity

The fluidity of my spirit travels on the sunrise

covering the earth with energy drawing forth life that

elevates my consciousness and rewards me with the

secrets of the universe

I am carried into the bosom of mysteries as yet unrevealed

found within me waiting to be discovered by

seekers of true belief

Vibrations from the unknown penetrate my essence and

permeate my state of being requiring me to reflect upon my motives

for intentional naiveté towards levels of pure revelation due to

uncertainty and fear

Where can I find myself fully aware of the conception of my

relativity in the grandiosity of the sky

How do I exist autonomously interacting with the elements remaining

from my own reckless perception

The restraints of acceptance propel me to look inward and obtain

presence in a place where the emergence of positive identity is

elusive in the face of questioning

There is no complete understanding without reaching a plateau of

welcome objectivity

I open my arms wide and enjoy an influx of concentrated light that

brings with it the ability to breathe deeply and release any remnants of

toxicity that remain a hindrance to my acceleration through

the cosmos allowing me to change form and become what is

pure and undefiled

As a feather I lie back in the embrace of the wind and allow

myself to be transported to a place that has become manifest as

a result of my persistent thoughts of immortality arriving at the

comfortable void of exceptional sensory stimulation

I am where I should be in all the fullness of time and there is no

return to the physical oblivion of

emotional depravity


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Come To My Safety

Image result for images of love

Allow me to love you beyond what you know

Trust me with your heart and enjoy ecstasy

exponentially spanning distance and time

in rapid succession of motion

pulling you towards all you ever searched for

Give me all of your fears and release your

subjection to unhappiness in the comfort

that is what you seek in eternity

Let me give you pleasure exceeding your deepest imagery

and accept the promise of serenity in the

safety of my solitude

Relinquish to me all your apprehension of what lies ahead

with uncertainty and present to me your essence

to calm with tenderness and the promise of

sweet pleasure abounding like the newness of spring

full of promise as the blooms that beckon the sunlight

for life

Rest in me when you are ready to leave behind the pain

of wanting and know that peace is where you feel me

on your soul

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Losing Myself

I imagine the way you feel in my mouth and


in an overcoming ecstasy of








that intoxicate my soul and consume every part of my being.

Your nectar runs





through my veins

and all that you are is all that I am.

Breath becomes secondary because you are my life.

You are my physical cult and I would follow you AN-Y WHERE


you have invaded my mind leading me to a place where I exist in reckless

abandonment and total submission to your love.

Your arms around me,

the beat of your heart,

the scent of your love in my nostrils is all I need in my world.

Your brilliance brings me to my knees and I want to drink you in because

my thirst for you is


I am caught in your vortex and I don’t want to be released.

You have drawn me in with your LOVE and tenderness and I am holding on


because I want to enjoy the ride.

Take me there and never leave me because you are what the Universe has

for me.

Oh you beautiful, magnificent child of Knowledge,

offspring of Intelligence you make my spirit soar and come alive

in a world full of emptiness you fill me up and I overflow with happiness.

Lay beside me




and melt into me as I open to receive you.

This is where I want to be…lost in eternity with you.


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Where To See Me


Short Story Anthology

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Poetry Anthology


Short Story Anthology

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