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Her Inside

She’s a witch, a gypsy, a Woman, a tease

spinning her web

taking hearts captive with ease

She’s electric and warm

golden from the sun

She’s her own beginning and end

mystery on the run

Bells on her feet

ever smelling of Spring

She draws you in with a hint of her sting

The trees talk of her greatness

flowers grow in her heat

elusive yet inviting

She’s ready to meet

You love her you hate her

she’s fickle she’s fine

She’ll tell you she’s yours

then say that she’s mine

Her love is exciting

juicy, sweet and sublime

so decadent and tantalizing

it feels like a crime

You can’t help but want her

she calls you by name

The way she gets into you is her claim to fame

But when it comes down to it

She’s worth the time

This beautiful Earth Mother

righteous and divine

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Magik Carpet Ride

Magik Carpet Ride