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Stained Glass View

Bluebirds and stained glass

daisies and tears

my heart overflows its

carnal boundaries

my emotions crack

like thunder and lightning

gives a glimpse into the

kaleidoscope of my soul

I am created with each new experience

that’s painted on my ribs

a scroll that will be buried

to be deciphered through the ages

creating new life under the sun

watered by the drops of my transition

from now to forever

the birds will feed upon my manna and

fly into the horizon dropping

pieces of me deep into the soul of

the earth

gratitude will forever lift me above all


and perseverance will be that thing

that keeps me alive forever on the lips

of night

and in the strides of the faithful my melody

will be sung

proclaiming the beauty of all existence

I will ride on the breezes and grow tall like the trees

reaching the sun with the fingertips of my

budding branches

On every movement of the air

I will be strengthened and while I drink in the rain

love will be seen in my musings spreading

untouched potential that will bring all humanity together

In monumental creativity

I will last forever

Only changing form

learning to live with the

predestination of my Samsara

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Universal Key of Voice

It doesn’t have to be profound
or exceptionally deep
just say it
It’s not necessary that it
evoke tears
or inspire intellectual dialogue
just say it
so what if no one understands your point of view
or thinks you’re a bit off-key
just say it
your words matter and
your feelings count
just say it
You sit alone with your thoughts
and wonder why things are like they are
lonely, sad, bewildered, angry
seeking validation or needing your point heard
just say it
Your life is sacred and your soul is special
your song being sung on angels’ wings matters
just say it
LOVE is universal and acceptance is free
your experience counts so
just say it


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Maniacal musings manipulate my memory
making me
while myriads of multiple mental messages
massacre me mightily
sending me
looking, lurking, leaning, laughing
losing the last
little life
leisurely loaned
leaving me lonely
and lusting at lofty
pulsating precipitously
placing premonitions inside
pondering pulchritudinous
placidly though painstakingly speaking
sometimes slowly satisfying
subliminal sexualities
stemming and seeping secretly scorching
sensual sections of my senses.
almost always allowing
alternative ambitions
to tenderly assuage all angry accusations
while accepting all my attributes
Finally feeling
fabulously fresh finding fantastic flowers
floating flamboyantly forth
moving me forward feeling ferociously the fire from forever
Blissfully bohemian before
born blinded but better branded
believing the best but still bemused by
brown-skinned beauty
lips, legs
living a lifetime left over
letting looks lull me languidly, lazily, luxuriously
leisurely, loftily
back to the light



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Mental Clarity Rapture

I am grappling with my visions

wrestling with the perceived

metaphorical images that parade before my eyes

causing me to see


the light that’s supposed to be my guide through this

maze of confusion

Things look


moving in slow motion

gliding back and forth

tantalizingly deceptive

pulling at my consciousness

otherworldly, intangible

causing me visible grief

that tears at my soul making me surrender to my knees

I can’t stop holding my head

it’s spinning

out of control I fear that

if it leaves me the string of sanity will slip through my fingers

and I will float off into the abyss

Wandering through the cosmos aimlessly

my own voice is unfamiliar

the tongue spoken strange

all language is foreign

nothing makes sense

The state of life

clings precipitously between broken pieces that hang


on the vibration of the streaming breath

that holds me independently of myself

The rainbows are raining because the sky is void of much

needed comfort

The promises they bring have been broken

but still I grab their reins and push off rising to meet the sun


the midst of psychological storms

I see the visions dim and grey only shadows behind the veil

I strain but I am not stretched beyond my desire to


I must know what it all means

not knowing I’m all alone feigning ignorance to save face

so my secret is safe with me

Fearing accusations of stupidity

lacking in intelligence

a light lit dimly from the outside in

Now I float with the clouds letting them penetrate me

and in ecstasy I cry out and let go

I am powerful and knowledgeable and


Now I smell of honey and nectar as I arrive in time

to that place where understanding is inherent

and I can see the birth of stars in my eyes

Now my words flow freely and I’m connected to

the gods

They come and they come and they come

and they fortify me and give life to my ranting


I move from disarray to order

from chaos to peace

Now I know that I know that I know

life keeps flowing

in my mind the clarity is blinding and I want to shout

it from the mountain that

it all makes sense

my redemption is sweet and the world around me

is heavenly and my doubts have been squelched by

the discoveries I’ve obtained from the depths of

my authentic self

these truths were always there

but my journey was necessary to help me

grasp the magnitude of my potential

and the worth of my existence

to show me that I can love myself

spread my wings and show all my

magnificent colors

lift my voice and proclaim

“I’m here”

I can stand stoically

Shoulders back

Chest held high

Breathing in the magnificence of my rebirth

There are no more obstacles

and all hesitation is in the past

the dark night of my soul is over and the brilliance of my

destiny shines like the sun

the fire is back in my veins

and I know that I know that I know

won’t be looking back


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