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How Do You Do That?

Recently a friend asked me about my creative process.  She wanted to know where my mind is when I create and how I do what I do.  The question actually stumped me because I’ve never really thought about it.  All I know is that an urge comes over me and the next thing I know I’ve got a finished product.  I wish I could put into words or direction how I do what I do but I don’t even know how I do it myself.  Time and time again I create and then I go back and look at my work and I am amazed at what I’ve done, it’s as if I left my body and someone else took over during the process.  I used to use lightly references to the Muses but over and over again I have no explanation as to what I’ve done but that the Ladies have inhabited my mind and soul.  I wish I could tell other people how to do what I do because I am so overjoyed that I can produce artistry that is so enriching to the lives of other people and I would love for other people to be able to do the same.  I do believe the Muses are there for anyone who wants to create but maybe some of us are more in tune to their voices than others.  Maybe it is just the destiny of those of us who call ourselves artists to be visited by the Muses and to produce beautiful things for the entire world to see.  I don’t know the answer to how I do what I do but I’m glad I’ve been blessed to do it.

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