Her Fantasy

[This is the beginning of a short story/novella that I plan to finish.  It also came about as a result of the Blogging 101 assignment for day 4]

She had to belong to someone.  Her perfectly coiffed hair and fresh manicure confirmed that she was well taken care of.  Trying on shoes in the upscale boutique, Uma couldn’t help but look at her shapely legs and the way she softly placed each foot in a shoe when trying on each pair that was brought to her.  Uma was sure she smelled of some exotic perfume that probably would have cost her a week’s wages but really none of that mattered because in her fantasies that woman deserved all the best things in life.

The first time she’d seen her was in the grocery store one evening after work.  She was leisurely shopping and Uma could tell by the contents of her cart that she took care of her body.  She had fruits and vegetables, all sorts of natural juices and organic supplements and very lean cuts of meat.  Uma imagined she’d be in her kitchen blending all of her cart’s contents while she danced to music in her panties and a t-shirt.  Her shoulder-length hair would be damp from her shower and she’d have it pinned in a messy bun with small pieces of curly hair framing her face.  In her mind Uma could smell the food cooking and she could feel her in her arms as they stood back to front in her kitchen.

As always, Uma stood in the shadows waiting and wondering who she was getting dressed for and making plans for.  She’d been watching her for several weeks now and she’d only seen her go out with friends or with business associates; she’d never seen her go out with anyone one on one.  But that really didn’t matter because she couldn’t watch her all the time.  When she looked down at the green illuminated face of her watch and saw that it was past six o’clock she knew it was time to go.   In the warmth of her car she hugged herself and started the engine thinking about the day.  This was the first time she’d been able to look at her for so long and she had a smug feeling of satisfaction in her gut as she pulled away from the curb and headed back to her apartment.

fantasy girls

Back at home she headed for the bedroom.  She took off her clothes and went into the bathroom to run herself a hot bath.  The steam from the water covered the mirror as Uma eased herself into the tub and leaned back to relax and think about her day.  This mystery woman had consumed her heart and thoughts and she wondered how she was going to approach her.  She was ready to make all her fantasies a reality for good.

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4 thoughts on “Her Fantasy

  1. whereshappy says:

    Looking forward to the finished product.

  2. Tasha says:

    Hmmm, is Uma a stalker? Guess I’ll have to wait to find out, huh? lol..meant to tell you the other day that I love your tagline!! It’s very original and fresh!

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